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Goats For Fire Mitigation 

James Wattenberger, South Metro Fire Mitigation Specialist said,  “It’s not a matter of IF... it's a matter of WHEN there will be a wild fire in Surrey Ridge.” Officer Wattenberger recommended that Surrey Ridge clear our open spaces with goats. 

The company "Goats Green" has been servicing the open spaces of Castle Pines and Castle Pines North. They did a great job for Castle Pines and finished early. Donny from "Goat Green" has an unexpected small window of time that will allow Surrey Ridge to hire and graze the 350 goats for a couple of days providing fire mitigation in our open spaces. This opportunity cuts out the costs for transport and we have the money in our budget to take advantage of this opening. 

To begin, the 350 goats will be dining in the open area near Stirrup Lane. They would be tasked to clear approximately 100 yards on each side of the creek.

When: Late on Saturday, July 13th.

Where: Surrey Ridge Open Space Area B (See Map):

The goats eat the toxic weeds and even the thistle. Their teeth grind the seeds so they will not reproduce and they have a special enzyme in their stomachs that destroy the weed seeds. This is a strong start to clear the overgrowth in our open areas. It's looking like the goats will arrive sometime late Sunday, July 14th. For your information, here is the link from the city of Castle Pines describing goats for Wildfire Preparedness:

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The Surrey Ridge Homeowner's Association has elected the following people as members of the 2019-2020 Surrey Ridge Board:

The Board is currently looking for volunteers for the following activities/services:

  • Equestrian Trail Maintenance
  • Social Committee Coordinator (with volunteers for Halloween Hay Ride the top priority)
  • Surrey Ridge Welcome Committee

With all the new young families here, we should have plenty of energy for these activities!  Feel free to contact any of the Board Members to volunteer.  Thanks in advance to all the future volunteers!

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Living with Bears!

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